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zero sugar, zero fat, zero serialization overhead

Zserio Types Mapping

This document contains mapping tables from zserio types to supported programming language types.

Currently supported code generators and runtimes are:

Base Types

Zserio type Java type C++ type Python type
uint8 short uint8_t int
uint16 int uint16_t int
uint32 long uint32_t int
uint64 java.math.BigInteger uint64_t int
int8 byte int8_t int
int16 short int16_t int
int32 int int32_t int
int64 long int64_t int
bit:1…bit:7 byte uint8_t int
bit:8 short uint8_t int
bit:9…bit:15 short uint16_t int
bit:16 int uint16_t int
bit:17…bit:31 int uint32_t int
bit:32 long uint32_t int
bit:33…bit:63 long uint64_t int
int:1…int:8 byte int8_t int
int:9…int:16 short int16_t int
int:17…int:32 int int32_t int
int:33…int:64 long int64_t int
float16 float float float
float32 float float float
float64 double double float
varint16 short int16_t int
varint32 int int32_t int
varint64 long int64_t int
varint long int64_t int
varuint16 short uint16_t int
varuint32 int uint32_t int
varuint64 long uint64_t int
varuint java.math.BigInteger uint64_t int
bool boolean bool bool
string String std::string string
extern zserio::BitBuffer zserio.BitBuffer
bytes byte[] std::vector<uint8_t> bytearray

Array Types

Java uses native arrays.

C++ uses STL vector.

Python uses native arrays.